Can Bonastre Wine Resort » A charming Wine Resort

A charming Wine Resort.

Surrounded by vineyards with breathtaking views of the mountain of Montserrat, this beautiful Wine Resort is a traditional farm with ​​100 hectares and 2,540 m2 of floor area.

It is located in a natural beautiful setting on a gentle hill at the foot of the Sierra de Montserrat. Its unique landscape in the town of Masquefa, just 35 minutes from Barcelona, makes it essential to visit in your trip to Barcelona.

The farmhouse Can Bonastre Santa Magdalena is originally from the sixteenth century and has been completely renovated. The hotel has 12 rooms overlooking the vineyards and the sacred Montserrat mountain. It has a spectacular wine spa with views and delicious cuisine. Here guests can enjoy the rest, wine culture, adventure sports and a very personal touch.

We have reserved spaces for weddings and private celebrations, and proposals for activities and meeting facilities for corporate events.


460 years of wine history

"Dentro de la parroquia de Masquefa existen varias masías nombradas Bonastre que quiscuna lleva un adjetivo por distingirse la una de la otra, citando aquí entre ellas, el Hostal del Bonastre, lo Bonastre dels Torrents y lo de Sta. Magdalena. En ésta última por tiempo hubo una capilla dedicada a Santa Magdalena que hoy ya no existe (...)".

With these words in the early twentieth century, the priest and historian Josep Mas i Domènech began a short note to explain the history of the chapel of Santa Magdalena, that had been adjacent to the farmhouse of Can Bonastre. The history of this house during the medieval period was closely linked to the chapel.  According to the priest Mas, the first documentary reference we have of this church of Santa Magdalena is from 1037. On that date, Erumir and his wife  Saborida pawned various properties in Masquefa, near the church of Santa Maria de Palau .

Later, Joana Mata, in 1548 wrote his will and left it stored in Can Bonastre, the farmhouse that was owned by the family of her husband, the family Bonastre. Her will was found during the renovation of the house at the beginning of 2002 and today can be seen at the entrance of the hotel.