Ham Carving and Tasting

Learn one of the most highly prized Spanish skills: The art of Ham Carving. The workshop is about Ham Carving and Tasting and structured as follows:

Explanation of the different types of hams, both Iberian ham and jamón del país (country ham). Explanation of the various Designations of Origin: GUIJUELO, JAMÓN DE HUELVA, DEHESA DE EXTREMADURA, VALLE DE LOS PEDROCHES, JAMÓN DE TERUEL AND TREVELEZ.

Explanation of the ham preparation process, from the farm to our plates: salting, washing, resting, curing and ageing.

Explanation of the tools used to ensure a good cut. How to prepare and use them.

We then carve a slice of ham, explaining how to remove the skin and offering tips on how to store the ham when it is not being used.

After carving, participants sit and enjoy the ham with a bit of wine accompanied by bread or snacks.

Hours: by reservation

Duration: 1 ½ hours (approx.)

Price: Depending on the number of participants.

Ham tastings

Times:: by appointment

Duration: 1 ½ hours (approximately)

Price: According to number of participants

Description:: A tasting of different hams: “bellota” ham from different regions, “recebo” ham, shoulder ham, “cebo” ham, Teruel ham, Pedroches ham, Hungarian ham, country ham and Segovia ham. There are two options: sampling the slices knowing the identity of each ham while we explain the differences of each variety or a tasting where participants are blindfolded and try and guess the type of ham they are tasting. It’s a lot of fun.

Ham tastings or classes and wine pairing

Times:: by appointment

Duration: 2 ½ hours (approximately)

Price: to be determined

Description:: In this activity, we combine options 2 and 3 of the tasting and carving workshop with the participation of a sommelier. The idea is to discuss different types of wine to pair with high-quality ham. The pairing is done with 3 or 4 wines to make unmistakably clear the extent to which red wine can profoundly enhance the ham-eating experience, with the understanding that other alternatives exist.