enero 23, 2015

A honeymoon is unlike any other trip, is special and unique, unforgettable and unique, is much more than a vacation … is your honeymoon. You have already organized your wedding with us, beyond the worst times of stress and enjoyed with your family and friends special day that is your wedding. Now comes the time to feel, share experiences and enjoy your privacy, romantic getaway where you want. It’s time to live the journey as a unique experience, where you can interact, involving yourselves, have fun, relax, receive, give, feel and live with the environment and all experiences that will provide the place and its people.
From Can Bonastre work with a skilled professional team that will design your honeymoon as with the services that best suit your needs and tastes. Prepare your trip to the world, whether in cosmopolitan cities, looking for the best gastronomic routes or wine, finding remote, exotic or far away places, beautiful beaches or even a bold round the world. We want you to enjoy, feel, get excited, surprised and return full of unforgettable sensations.

Visit this special web travel for grooms, where the team will make you dream Tarannà Viatges: